Public toilett buildings X-WC 01

is an indiscrete module, constructed as self- supporting and jacketed sandwich board, thermally isolating and jacketed by aluminium plate. Doorway is accessorized by slot- machine. Space of building is tempered and alight.

Interior space is completelly covered by rustless steel, as all equipment. Equipment is safed against vandalism and dirigible sensorially.

Good is delivered completelly equiped in acordance with customer claims. Basic offer is composed by four types: WC UNIVESAL, WC LADIES, WC GENTLEMEN, WC STANDARD. All types should be delivered as barrier free, in accordance with claims estabilished in edict 369/2001 (about using the constructions by people with limited motoric and orientation skills).

Basic modules are able to join in variable formations.
Dimensions: lenght: 2650 mm, breadth: 2100 mm, height: 2800 mm
Term of guarantee is 20 years.


Equipment (fixtures, bins for material) are completely covered by rustless steel and safed against vandalism.
Interior space is alight by LED diods. Level of light is 200 lux. Diods produce blue light with special anti- narcotic effect (this light precludes using the space of building to application of addictive drugs.
Interior space is tempered on 15 degrees by infrapanels, incorporated in interior jacket.
Floor plate of building is dipped into the flow off gully. This system safes building against deposition of snow in winter times.
Ventilation by ventilator incorporated in construction- able to change 50 m3 of air per hour.
Safe against freezing of infeeded watter or rainwater by self- regulating heating cable.


After droping requested amount in the slot machine (that is able to add amounts of coins) is door opened and lightening is switching on.
If the toilett is used, ventilator is activating after configured time period and staying active during configured time period after leaving the toilett. If the period of using is shorter than configured time period, ventilator is not activating.
After opening the door is slot machine blocked. There is switching red pilot light and slot machine doesn’t receive coins. Opening and closing doors till 30 seconds is ignored. After this time period is considered as leaving the toilett.
Operator should configure maximal using time period. After this period are doors open and light is switching off. User is warned by during last minute of time period.
User should use all equipment of the toilette. All accessories (toilette, pisoir, wash bowl) are operated by piezoelectric press key or antivandal rustless press key with press cca 5 mm. After press is activating watter flow into the accessory.


After pressing the key is flowing the watter for configured time period (1-20 seconds). Key may be pressed only twice by one user. Then are keys blocked. Next washing down follows automatically after leaving the building (it’s activating after opening the doors). This function may be blocked by operator. New round of washing down is activating by droping coins into the slot machine.


After pressing the key is infeed definite bulk of watter. From this bulk he should use arbitrary bulk of watter. He used watter by press key working in mode start- stop. After expending definite bulk is the watter flowing blocked. New round of watter flowing is activating by droping coins into the slot machine.


Protection of electric energy- circuit breaker 20A/230V/characteristic B
Cable CYKY 3Cx4
Watter infeed: PPr o 20, compression 2 bars, closure ½.
Canalization requests: KG line DN 100.


Consumption of watter on 1 flushing: 10 litters.
Average consumption for 1 user (10 minutes of using): 0,20 kWh
Consumption of energy for tempering of interior space: 1,18 kWh per hour.


Defects on accessories actuating appliance.
Defects on slot machine
Defects on lighting, heating, watter delivery, ventilat.